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Gallo Acoustics, Reinventing the Shape of Speakers

Boxy wood speakers are so yesterday. Gallo Acoustics has been synonymous with spherical speaker design. Their products are designed around spheres that not only look special, it also eliminates resonance and internal diffraction, the two leading causes of loudspeaker distortion.

Gallo Acoustics

Gallo Acoustics speakers are performers of audiophile caliber, able to offer high-resolution sound and a large, genuinely spacious stereo image. They come in 2 sizes, MICRO and A'DIVA where MIRCO is only 4 inches in diameter which is the size of an orange. Both MIRCO and A'DIVA are available in a higher performance version, MIRCO SE and A'DIVA SE. These speakers are available in many different mounting options such as tabletop, wall mount, and pendant. Not to forget the number of colours and finishes to suit any interior and exterior design.

Gallo Acoustics 2

Gallo Acoustics products are now readily available at Futurahaus. MIRCO starts at $329++ SGD ONLY. Call us at +65 8772 8277 to speak to our friendly staff today!


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