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Greenwood Ave

Welcome to Greenwood Ave: Where Innovation Meets Unmatched Comfort!

Prepare for a home experience like never before. The seamless integration of Chime Smart Video Doorbell and Yale Lock guarantees instant, hassle-free access control.

Control4 Smart Lighting sets the perfect mood, while Gallo and Triad speakers envelop every nook in immersive audio. Unifi Home Networking ensures uninterrupted, lightning-fast internet.

Safety effortlessly combines with convenience through motion sensors. Immerse yourself in cinematic wonder with our Home Theater system and dial up the fun with our karaoke setup.

Embark on an extraordinary journey through Greenwood Ave – where technology meets unparalleled home comfort.

Join our Smart Conversation with @v.ii.n.s , the visionary designer behind the captivating dark wabi-sabi concept at Greenwood Avenue featured in our previous video. In our exclusive interview, he shares his experience working with Futurahaus to seamlessly merge aesthetics with innovation.

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