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The Orion Condo


Client Testimonial

Cassandra Chua

My hubby and I first discovered Futurahaus as we were looking for nice switches for our new home. We visited Futurahaus showroom and were really impressed by what a smart home automation system could do. At first, we were still quite hesitant to get the system done for our new home as we were both not very tech-savvy people. However, we eventually decided to go ahead with it and never looked back since! The Control4 system comes with an app that we can download on our smart devices. With the app, we can control all the switches in our home - not just the light switches, but the heater, air-conditioner, motorised curtains etc, remotely even without being physically at home! The smart home automation system also allows us to create different scenes on the switches. This means that with just a click of a scene button, spaces within our home will be at our desired preconfigured settings, e.g., lighting dimness, aircon switched on/off, curtains drawn/not drawn etc. It’s really intuitive to use even for not so tech-savvy people like us. Thank you so much, Ian and team, for setting up the smart home automation system in our home for us! It’s really important to us that your team is so efficient, patient and accommodating, especially to first-time “smart home owners” like us! 😄

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