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Redefining the Way 
You Live

Futurahaus is made up of a team of innovative and technology-savvy individuals who shares the same vision of providing Singaporeans with the best smart home products at competitive pricing and at the same time provide top-notch services and support.


We are certified smart home installers and programmers. Our team undergoes extensive and rigorous training to ensure proficiency and professionalism. 

In order to provide quality work and achieve maximum results, we pride ourselves on designing and executing every project with some degree of care, attention, and quality with careful consideration to every client's needs, requirements, purpose, and budget.

We aim to provide top-notch service and build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our support goes a long way from project planning, installation, and post-installation. We assure our clients with peace of mind that their smart home will be long-lasting and reliable. 

Our Journey So Far



There is a gap in Singapore smart home market, smart home products are either cheap and easily accessible but lack function and are not integrated or products are good but expensive.

Futurahaus is founded for one main purpose. To provide Singaporeans with leading smart home products at a competitive price and provide the best service and support.

JULY 2021



After months of intensive training, Futurahaus got control4 installer and programmer certified.

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