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Rochester Residences

For this project, we did these for our client:

  • Control4 Smart Lighting

  • Somfy Motorised Curtains

  • Aircon Controls

  • Ziptrak

  • Customised Scenes

  • Google Home Integration

Watch how they come together and provide our client (family of 3) with a state-of-the-art smart living experience.


Client Testimonial

Alfred Chan

This is a long overdue review on my part . Back then, it was a tough choice between various "smart home" systems & the specialist providers that come with each system. We were glad that we settled with "Futurahaus X Control4" during our home renovation. Ian & Sherman from Futurahaus patiently introduced us the various setups and led us through our needs to build up our smart home. During the renovation works, they also came down personally to coordinate with our ID, electrician, a/c and curtain contractors. Things went smoothly under the two professionals. After the main works are done, Ian even offered to help me setup my Google home. Happy.
If you are unsure like me before and it is the first time that you are trying out smart home, I think Futurahaus & C4 is a “safe bet”. I have enjoyed my smart home from Futurahaus for the past 4months and there is no glitches to worry about so far.

Project Images

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