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Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is the most basic necessity of any smart home, at Futurahaus we do not only enable you to turn on and off your lights using your mobile phone, but we create the perfect ambience for Work, Sleep, and even Movie

smart lighting application

Easy control of all of your lights using our Control4 application. On or off individual lights, Dim the light with the slider. Turn on or off multiple rooms, or your entire house with one tap with our customised scenes. Your entire home control in the palm of your hands

The Perfect Scene

Lighting is no longer just a utility for your home. It’s an aesthetic that creates an ideal movie viewing experience, provides ambience for a gathering or sets the perfect mood for date night.

The Ultimate Customisation

Our switches are available in multiple configurations, colours and materials for any budget. Tailored to fit your needs and home design.

PHOTO-2022-05-19-19-49-30 2.jpg

Bringing you the most innovative and cutting-edge technology in smart home lighting system.

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