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How much does it cost to build a Smart Home in Singapore?

cost to build

Smart home in SG is growing in popularity due to their convenience for homeowners and their futuristic features. Since lights are a need in any home, it might be a good upgrade to change them to Smart Lights as they can enhance your environment. If you are interested in smart lights but don’t know where to start, we’ve set up a comprehensive guide to explain which lights you can consider purchasing and how you can go about maximizing their benefits

Our professional team will understand your requirements to help you to upgrade your home into an environment that best suits your activity and mood.

With our smart home lighting system, you can easily control and manage all of your lights just by using your smartphone. The recent introduction of Control4 technology has benefited countless users around the world and has shown to be an outstanding energy efficiency strategy by lowering power usage.

Different types of Smart Light Designs:

The various sizes of smart light bulbs are compatible with standard-sized fittings, allowing you to quickly replace your old lights without the need for any equipment. Since smart light strips have an adhesive on one side, they may be installed in awkward spaces such as beneath furniture.

Home automation in Singapore has devices that are mostly battery-operated and that makes it simple to change a single light from one location to another. With the help of smart lighting, you can illuminate your home’s exterior even if they are not near any electrical outlets. Last but not least, smart lamps are an enhancement compared to the common options seen on most people's nightstands.

Our recommendations for smart lights in each category are the results of extensive research and testing. Any smart lights recommended by us can be installed in less than an hour. You can set it up quickly by you simply downloading the related app for your lamp, registering for an account, and selecting your location.

What is the Cost of Installing Smart Lights?

The cost is one of the first things that comes to mind if you are considering switching to smart lighting. This is understandable given that smart lights are considered more expensive than conventional and LED lighting.

The overall cost varies depending on the lights you choose to install in your house and whether a home automation hub is required to power those lights. The expenditure on your initial investment is often SGD750 or more on average.

The Function of Smart Lights:

Smart lights are LED lights that have software built into them. They can be controlled by smart home gadgets and applications. Remote control of these lights will automate all of your lighting operations.

Dimming and setting timers for smart lights can be managed from an app or automation hub. Mood lighting may also be used to help you create the right ambience for any occasion.

Smart lighting provides you with additional lighting control and can help you to manage when and how certain lights are turned on. Because the lights may be set on timers to avoid using them when they are not needed, this can have a direct impact on your overall energy expenses.

The LED bulb features an integrated circuit that enables wireless control. However, when connected for functioning, each light may provide a unique challenge.

You can usually link your light to a program that runs on your tablet or Smartphone. Some other light fixtures, on the other hand, need a home automation hub to function properly.

What are the prices of Smart Lights?

Smart light bulbs can range in price from as little as SGD 25 each to as much as SGD 300. This might mean that automating your house lights would cost you far more than the initial anticipation. However, because these are LED lights, their lifespan may be far longer than their initial cost.

Although traditional lights are significantly cheaper, they have limited usage and the shelf life is not as long as an intelligent LED light. Your choice to switch to smart lighting should not be influenced by the cost compared to a conventional light.

If you require a home automation hub, the cost usually ranges from SGD 50 to SGD 150 or more. If your goal is to completely automate your home, it is required to have a home automation hub.

If you are switching to smart lights, you may consider only switching some lights while using LEDs for other components. This may allow you more financial freedom while increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

You may also need to convert some of the lights depending on the number of lights you currently have or, the number of lights you are switching. Furthermore, the cost also varies depending on the type of smart lights utilized and whether a home automation hub is required. In summary, the cost to switch 10 lights may cost you SGD 250 or more.

Although buying smart lights might cause you more money initially, it might actually save you money on your electrical expenses in the long run. The lifespan of an average LED light is 25,000 hours, significantly higher than that of conventional lights. As such, this may also save you money during its lifetime.

You can even regulate when the light turns on and off and ensure that it is off when it needs to be, smart lights allow you to save even more money. For instance, suppose you want to leave a light on in the house while you are away from home for a week, you can simply control that with a tap of the button on your smart home app!


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