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4 Things you should know before installing Smart Home Lighting Automation

Home Lighting Automation

Whether you're coming home late at night or just need some additional help around the house, Home lighting automation makes it easier for you to navigate the room without fumbling in the dark for a standard light switch.

Smart light bulbs may be operated remotely by voice, Bluetooth, and Smartphone apps. Smart light bulbs are a wonderful place to start if you are considering outfitting your home with smart home gadgets.

Our team at Futurahaus is experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We will provide you with quality smart lighting solutions that will improve your standard of living. We work hard to ensure quality services from design to services, management, and installation.

Smart light bulbs are simple to set up and use, they make a great introduction to the world of home automation.

Read on for the 4 things you should know before installing a Smart lighting solution for your home:

Considering Smart Light Bulbs?

Although smart light bulbs are simple to set up and use, they require a Wi-Fi connection to enable smart home capabilities. The lights are able to immediately connect to your house Wi-Fi as your initial option.

A bridge or hub is not necessary for some types of bulbs to connect to your Wi-Fi network. The accompanying software leads you through the remaining steps once set up the bulb.

  • Since all smart light bulbs use LEDs, you may anticipate that their shelf life is higher than your incandescent bulbs. And if you have enough smart bulbs installed throughout the building, you can even experience a decrease in your energy cost because LED lights are at least 85% more efficient than incandescent bulbs.

  • You can also buy a matching hub and install smart lamps on it. Your smart hub serves as a go-between for your wireless router and your light bulb. The bridge has to be connected to your Wi-Fi router.

  • Last but not least, you can also use Bluetooth to link the lamps. The specific installation procedure may vary depending on the bulbs you choose. Read the instructions before attempting to sync the bulbs.

Are Smart Light Bulbs worth the price?

Although switching to smart light bulbs may seem like a significant upfront expense, it isn't necessarily true. A single Bluetooth smart LED light bulb could cost as low as SGD 25, whereas a whole smart home lighting system could cost more than SGD 250. Take your budget into consideration when you are planning what to change. How many smart light bulbs do you want? Do you want to begin by distributing them throughout your home, or do you prefer to begin modestly with one or two bulbs before making a greater investment?

Do keep in mind as smart home bulbs are LED, you should see a gradual drop in the total cost of your power bill. Using LED lights can save you money over the course of years.

Where can I use Smart Light Bulbs?

Smart light bulbs can be used wherever a regular bulb is fitted. It can be used in lamps or by simply adding them to your existing home’s lighting fixtures. These will help to make daily life more convenient. It does not matter when your home was built as well.

Should I get Smart Bulbs?

Smart lighting is able to simplify life and offer convenience. Do you recall ever injuring yourself in the dark while you were fumbling for the light switch on the wall? So smart bulbs allow you to switch on the lights as you approach the door by using the GPS on your phone. These are just one of the many examples to show you that it could be worthwhile to make the switch.

Why Choose Us?

Lighting is not just a necessary residential utility. It's an aesthetic that produces the best movie-watching experience, sets the tone for a gathering, or makes a date night memorable.

Smart light bulbs are ideal to start making your house smarter in terms of convenience and safety.

Each client receives the best value for their money, thanks to the expertise of our professionals. Making your living environment more practical and comfortable for you is our main goal. Along with improving the aesthetics of the area, we also ensure that you receive the right quantity of light at the right time.

In addition to the smart security system, which maximizes the safety and protection of your house, we also offer you a smart home lighting system. It is therefore imperative that you fully automate your environment, keeping an eye on and managing your home with smart gadgets.

Your home will be more comfortable and safer with an automatic lighting system.

Our lighting services are simple to use as you are able to control them with your smart devices.

Let us introduce you to the modern world of smart homes, where you can control all of your appliances with just a click of the finger.


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