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A Guide To Smart Home And Top Benefits Of Having A Fully Automated Smart Home In Singapore

A smart house has smart appliances that a networked device can remotely control for heating, lighting, and electrical devices. When remodelling your home, which may be rather expensive, you can install these smart gadgets all at once, or you can install them gradually based on your requirements and spending limit. If you are looking to build a Smart home Singapore that is automated and equipped with items that can be operated remotely from anywhere in Singapore or the world, you can now do so – thanks to the integration of several smart connected gadgets and potential IoT devices. You can automate and regulate lights, temperature, and more with one app or numerous.

Automated Smart Home

Exactly What Is A "Smart Home"?

Do not be concerned if you are unaware of the smart technology market or have heard mentions of it. We'll go over everything. A smart home, often connected or intelligent, is a term used to describe a living area that uses cutting-edge technology to automate and regulate various devices and appliances that are part of the smart home system.

The percentage of smart homes in Singapore is currently about 33.4%, and Statista projects that it will rise to 68% by 2026.

The variety of products available for the smart home is constantly expanding and can include:

● Indoor and outdoor lighting

● Thermostats

● Doorbells

● Motorised curtains

● Security systems (e.g. cameras, motion and entry sensors, alarms, etc.)

● Air conditioning systems

● Washing machines and dryers

● Home entertainment (e.g. smart TVs, projectors, speaker systems, audio systems, etc.)

● Smart speakers (e.g. Google Home, Alexa, etc.)

● Ovens

● Sleep trackers

● Key/item trackers

● Air quality monitors

● Leak detectors

● Robotic vacuums

● Smart clocks

You can also automate self-cleaning litter boxes so you won't have to deal with daily scooping! As a result, as you can understand, equipping your home with smart technology can be a terrific way to simplify your life and put more emphasis on what is important. It is because all the tedious activities will be handled for you. Futurahaus also provides Smart Switches Singapore for your convenience.

Long-Term Benefits Of Installing Smart Technologies In Your Homes

Enhanced Security

Modern security systems can be bought in whole and can work with your smart home. This covers all hardware, such as front door locks (which may have their inbuilt cameras), motion and entrance sensors, video surveillance, alarms, motion-detector lights, and more. Additionally, you may remotely activate and control this and monitor it on your smartphone. So you won't have to question whether you properly locked the door again. Verify if it is locked by opening the app, then lock it from anywhere you are!

Additionally, you may utilise your smart home system to turn on and off your lights while you're away on vacation to create the impression that you're at home. It will prevent intruders from trespassing and protect your home from theft or break-in attempts.

Remote Surveillance

Many home security systems will only notify you via SMS if there is any suspicious activity while you are away. On the other hand, smart home security systems have smartphone apps that let you view what the cameras are seeing in real-time.

Additionally, this has advantages beyond just home security. Install a camera in their home to check on them and make sure they're okay if you have an elderly family member you'd like to keep an eye on. You can even converse with some cameras because many feature a two-way internal speaker. It can seem like a strange way to communicate, but well, it works.

The same is true for parents who want to watch over their children. These tools can be used to protect your loved ones, whether they are alone at home while you are at work or your youngster is napping in another room.


We appear to be busier now than ever before. Additionally, having time- and stress-saving shortcuts might be a blessing given how lengthy our never-ending to-do lists seem to grow weekly.

Using smart technology in your home will help you get everything done daily. Forget about needing to take breaks from your work to turn on the rice cooker you forgot to turn on earlier or to unlock the door when your children arrive home from school, among other things. On your smartphone, schedule and organise everything.

Options For Advanced Customisation

You may easily personalise your living area with a smart home automation system. You can build up sophisticated lighting systems with different colours of your choice, install a thermostat that adjusts the temperature in your home based on the time of day, play your preferred calming music when you get home, and more. Utilise innovative technology!


Have you ever left the house to be hit with the question, "Did I turn the gas stove off?"

Fortunately, you can check via your smartphone if you have a smart home. Being physically present to handle devices is no longer required, thanks to smart technologies such as gas and smoke alarms, smart plugs, and their companion mobile apps. Now that you may concentrate on having fun!


We at Futurahaus put in a lot of effort to uphold our status as Singapore's top provider of smart home services by giving our clients the best value for their money. You're sure to find a package that suits your needs with the variety of alternatives offered at various price points to fit your budget.

Each of the packages for smart home technologies offered by the Futurahaus shop provides an extraordinary degree of quality while also being reasonably priced.


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